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Houston is hot. We have summer heat for over half the year. We usually have mild-to-warm temperatures in late fall, winter, and early spring. That makes it easy to underestimate the importance of a furnace. However, our houses do not hold in heat. That means it does not take long before frigid outdoor temperatures turn the whole house chilly. So, if your heat stops working, it can be a real emergency. At Crew Heating & Air Conditioning, we handle furnace repairs in Atascocita, TX and surrounding areas. Whether you need to schedule a repair in advance or need emergency services, we provide top-notch customer service and high-quality repairs. We respond quickly, diagnose your problem, explain repair options, and handle repairs promptly and efficiently. The goal is to keep you warm and cozy all winter in your Atascocita, TX home.

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Furnace Repair

Is My Furnace Broken?

You turned up the temperature, but your house is still chilly. Is your heater broken? It may seem straightforward, but we get a lot of calls from people whose furnaces are working. There is an easy explanation for that. Many homeowners in the Atascocita, TX area are not familiar with how their heating systems work. That is no surprise—we are a city that needs AC to survive. Some of us go entire winters without ever using our heat. So, before you call Crew Heating & Air Conditioning to fix your system, give it a quick overview.

Steps to Check Before Calling Our Atascocita, TX Crew

We provide a full range of furnace repair, service, and maintenance in Atascocita, TX and surrounding areas. If you do not feel comfortable taking any of these steps, we are happy to handle them all for you. They are all included in one of our routine maintenance calls. However, if you think you need a repair, we suggest checking the following things before calling for repairs.

Power Checking

Check your power

Is your furnace a natural gas furnace? You may not realize that it still needs electricity to operate. Make sure you have the power switched “on.” Also, check that your circuit breaker is on. If you reset the circuit breaker and it immediately switches off again, it indicates a potential electrical issue. Call for Atascocita, TX professional service, and do not try to use your furnace.

Thermostat Checking

Check your thermostat

You would be astounded by the number of calls we get from people who have not turned their systems to “heat.” Check your thermostat to see if it is set to heat and set to the desired temperature. Turn your thermostat up about five degrees above your Atascocita, TX home’s current temperature and listen to see if the furnace engages. If you have a battery-operated thermostat, try changing the batteries if the thermostat is not working.

Pilot Light

Check your pilot light

Is your furnace a natural gas furnace? You may not realize that it still needs electricity to operate. Make sure you have the power switched “on.” Also, check that your circuit breaker is on. If you reset the circuit breaker and it immediately switches off again, it indicates a potential electrical issue. Call for service, and do not try to use your furnace.
Air Duct Cleaning

Check your filters

Your HVAC systems in your Atascocita, TX home need unobstructed airflow to function correctly. Check your filters. If they are dirty, your furnace will not take in enough air. It could result in your feeling a reduced airflow or the air not heating correctly. Try replacing filters if they are dirty.

Air Intake Vent

Check the air intake vent

Your furnace has an air intake vent located outside of your Atascocita, TX house. If this vent is blocked, you will not get fresh air into your system, and your furnace will not function properly. Clear debris from the vent and see if that corrects your problem.

Do I Need Furnace Repair in Atascocita, TX?

It is easy to know you need a furnace repair in Atascocita, TX if you get no heat. However, you may also need a repair if your system is struggling. If you notice any of the following signs, you should have your furnace inspected by a reputable HVAC company:

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector Sounds Alarm

Your furnace should not release carbon monoxide into your Atascocita, TX home. If your carbon monoxide detector sounds an alarm when you use your system, turn off your furnace, open your windows to air out the house, and call for service.

Ductwork Leaks

Not Warm Enough

Does it seem like your furnace is struggling to heat your Atascocita, TX home? Are you having a problem getting enough heat? That could indicate a problem with your unit or that your ductwork leaks.

Crew Air Conditioning Team

Abnormal Smells

Most people will notice a burning smell the first few times they use their heat each season. That smell is from dust particles in the unit. It is a complex smell to describe, but one that most adults will recognize. It is not a cause for alarm, as long as it dissipates after the unit runs for a while. However, your furnace should not have other smells associated with it. If it smells funny, turn it off and call for service in the Atascocita, TX area.

Pilot Light

Discolored Pilot Light

You should either check your pilot light or have a professional check your pilot light at least once a season. It should be blue. Different colored pilot lights indicate that there could be a potentially dangerous ventilation problem. That can put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, or even an explosion. If your pilot light is yellow, call for immediate service. Your Atascocita, TX HVAC company may instruct you to turn off gas to the furnace until they can arrive.

Funny Noises

Funny Noises

You should be able to hear your heat running. Just like your air conditioning, there are sounds associated with your furnace and blower. However, it should be background noises. If you notice loud, unusual, grinding, or squealing sounds, you need to have an HVAC technician in Atascocita, TX to check out your system.

Furnace Replacement

Difficulty Starting the Unit

Your furnace should turn on quickly when you turn on the heat, and you should not need to restart it throughout the day. Suppose it is challenging to get your system started. In that case, you may have a problem with the wiring, which can be a safety hazard in addition to being inconvenient