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No one wants to walk into their house and find it too hot. In the New Caney, TX area, a single summer day without air conditioning can send temperatures in your home into the 90s or higher. Even a routine air conditioning failure can be an emergency, especially with vulnerable family members. In New Caney, TX, you can count on Crew Heating & Air Conditioning to respond quickly, diagnose the problem, explain repair options, and complete repairs as quickly as possible.

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Is My Air Conditioner Working?

It can be challenging to tell if your air conditioner is working in the summer heat. Your AC system should cool air temperatures by at least 20°. If you start the system in a hot house on a 100° day, the initial air may still feel warm. However, as long as you get that 20° drop, the system is probably working correctly. As it cools the air, it will intake cooler air, which will drop the air temperature coming out of the vents. It may take several hours or even a whole day to cool a hot house in New Caney, TX to your desired temperature.

Steps to Check Before Calling Our New Caney, TX Crew

We provide a full range of AC repair, service, and maintenance in New Caney, TX and surrounding areas. We are happy to handle all of your service needs. However, if you want to save time and money on your AC repairs, take the following steps before giving us a call.

Check your power

Check to make sure you have the unit on, that the power supply at the unit is on, and that your circuit breaker has not tripped. Power surges in New Caney, TX can cause you to lose power to your AC unit. However, if your circuit breaker repeatedly trips, it may indicate an electrical problem in your unit requiring repair or maintenance.

Check your drip pan

Water will collect in your drip pan or under your unit if your condensate line is clogged. Many newer units in the New Caney area have water sensors that will shut them down if they detect water. If you are handy, you may be able to flush out your drain line and get your New Caney, TX  AC working without a service call.

Check your batteries

If your New Caney, TX thermostat does not seem to be working, see if it is a battery-operated model. Try changing the batteries to see if that gets your system working.

Check your filters

Dirty filters block airflow. If your New Caney, TX system appears to be blowing less air or the air is humid and warm, the problem could be as simple as dirty filters.

Do I Need AC Repair in New Caney, TX?

Sometimes, you know you need an air conditioner repair in New Caney, TX. Other times, you may wonder if your air conditioner is struggling. Often, there are warning signs before your AC completely fails. Call to schedule service or repair if you notice any of these signs in your New Caney, TX home.

Weird Smells

Your New Caney, TX air conditioning system should not smell funny. If you notice any unusual moldy, chemical, or burning odors, turn off the unit and call for service. However, if you have a combined air conditioning and heating HVAC system, strange smells are expected when you first turn on your heater. That smell is burning dust and should only happen the first two or three times your heat comes on each season.

Drainage Changes

Your New Caney, TX HVAC system should drain directly into a pipe. There is an overflow condensate drain in many homes that goes outside the house if the standard drain is clogged. If you see water coming out of that little pipe, it is a sign that your main condensate drain is blocked. Your unit’s AC drain pan should also empty at a constant rate. If you notice any changes in drainage, you want to fix them to prevent floods  in your New Caney home.

Humidity Changes

Air conditioners change air humidity as they cool. If you notice your New Caney home feels more humid than usual, it could be a warning sign of an AC problem.

Reduced Air Flow

When your system is running, you should feel air coming from the vents. If you cannot feel air or if it feels weaker than usual, have us check it out in your New Caney, TX home.

Why Choose Crew Heating & Air Conditioning in New Caney, TX?

There are several HVAC companies in the New Caney, TX area, so why choose us for your AC repair needs? We provide great value without compromising on customer service. A family-owned and operated business, we strive to treat all of our customers in New Caney`32 like we would want someone treating our family. To us, that means providing service that is:


We explain what repairs you need, how long they will take, and what they will cost. If you have an older HVAC system or one that needs major repairs in your New Caney home, we will also discuss the cost of a new system.


All of our New Caney, TX HVAC technicians are certified. We focus on continuous education and use high-quality parts. That means you can rely on our repairs.


You can make an appointment on the phone, email, or online. We respond quickly to our customers in New Caney, TX and give you a reliable appointment window.


We begin every repair call in New Caney, TX with a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system. We find the problem(s) and determine what repairs are needed.


During high-heat periods, we prioritize repairs to get to our customers in New Caney, TX quickly. We keep a stock of common replacement parts so that we can complete most repairs in a single visit. If we have to order parts, we use our industry connections to get them as quickly as possible.


We use cost-saving measures whenever they do not impact the quality of your repair, and we pass those savings onto our customers. The goal is to provide the most affordable, high-quality services possible in the New Caney, TX area.

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We use cost-saving measures whenever they do not impact the quality of your repair, and we pass those savings onto our New Caney, TX customers. 

The goal is to provide the most affordable, high-quality services possible in the New Caney, TX area.