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AC Coil Cleaning in Humble, TX

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Living in Humble, TX, we experience an average AQI of 50. While this poses no real threat to most of our fellow residents, those sensitive to moderate air conditions may feel symptoms after long periods of exposure. Unfortunately, our air conditioners feel the effects of smog, dust, dander, and dirt buildup in their lungs, too.

Your unit’s evaporator and condenser coils breathe life into your system, transferring air to cool your home. Therefore, consider an AC coil cleaning in Humble, TX, with Crew Heating & Cooling. We’ll inspect, clean, and maintain your AC’s lungs, protecting yours simultaneously. 

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How Do Your Unit’s Coils Work?

Your cooling unit comprises two coils: the evaporator and the condenser coils. The evaporator coil sits within your unit’s interior compartment and uses refrigerant to extract heat from your indoor air. The refrigerant then travels to the condenser coil, which functions in the outdoor section, releasing this heat outside your home. 

What Causes Coil Troubles?

When that moderate Humble, TX, air quality finds its way into your system, settling a layer of dust and debris over your coils, AC inefficiency ensues. Dirt, grass, leaves, pebbles, and other natural debris also effortlessly settle or stick to the outdoor condenser coil. By creating an extra level of insulation, the contaminants cause heat to remain trapped. 

Similarly, if you don’t clean your unit filters at least once every three months, the dust and dander from your home flow onto your evaporator coils, creating a layer of buildup. The dirt and grime produce a barricade between the refrigerant running within the copper tubes and the surrounding air temperature it’s supposed to absorb. In turn, the refrigerant doesn’t evaporate or condense properly, affecting heat flow. 

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How Do Dirty Coils Affect Your Home?

When your coils absorb and transfer inadequate heat, your AC unit pulls more electricity. That’s because it takes extended periods of exposure for the cool or warm air blowing over the coils to get past the blockage and alter the refrigerant temperature. The extra exposure requires your system to cycle longer to produce your desired temperature. 

However, an AC coil cleaning in Humble, TX, does more than lower your utility bills, including the following:

Regular repairs

The longer your system runs to create a cooler indoor setting, the more strain it receives, and the better the chances of overheating. Breakdowns lead to constant costly repairs, avoidable with a quick coil wipe-down. 

Diminished lifespan

 Cleaning your coils also helps you save money with replacements. Some wear and tear are irreversible, even with repairs. Your unit, which should last 15 to 20 years, may not make it past the 10-year mark without severe inefficiencies. 

Health risks

 If dust and other allergens are flowing from your filters into your system, settling on your evaporator coils, they also circulate into your living space. While this may not cause immediate concern, constant lung subjection leads to asthma, allergies, irritations, and other ailments.

Handle Dirty Coils

How To Handle Dirty Coils

While you can clean AC filters at home with soap, water, and a soft-bristled brush, AC coil cleaning might require professional AC maintenance services in Humble, TX. Though the process is simple, using abrasive equipment may harm the coils or the metal fins around the tubes. Instead, trust our experienced technicians to conduct the following procedure:

The technician begins any AC coil cleaning in Humble, TX, whether for the evaporator or condenser coil, by powering off the unit. 

They unscrew the coil access panel from the air handler.  

They’ll examine the coils, removing dirt and other debris from the surface. If there’s mold or mildew, the technician uses a particular AC biocide to treat the bacterial growth. They’ll leave the biocide and coil cleaner on for a few minutes. 

The specialist then uses a gentle garden hose or other cleaning product to spray the solution off the coils before replacing the filters and screwing the exterior grill on again. 

They’ll run tests to ensure all parts of your system are working efficiently.

Let Us Put Our Experience to Work for You

For years, our family-owned team of specialists has studied the ins and outs of all AC unit types. Whether your coils are dirty, leaking refrigerant, or cracked and in need of replacing, we’ve got you covered.  

Over 100 five-star reviews show we treat your family like ours, remedying concerns without hesitation and at competitive prices. To learn more about our AC installation service or request AC coil cleaning in Humble, TX, call Crew Heating & Cooling at 832-345-9932 today!

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