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Can You Add Zones to an Existing HVAC System?

Wondering if you can add zones to an existing HVAC system? The answer is yes; you can add zoning to your current heating and cooling system, but certain limitations exist within each individual home.

Since each home is unique, you should have certified professional HVAC specialists, like Humble’s trusted HVAC contractor, provide the correct answer and help you get proper HVAC zoning. This way, your home remains optimally comfortable all season long.

What Is HVAC Zoning?

HVAC zoning allows for the division of an HVAC system’s ventilation into multiple “zones.” These zones typically define rooms or areas throughout your home. 

In addition, the zones provide temperature control via their own thermostats, allowing maximum control over your heating and cooling for each area in your home. This differs from a standard HVAC unit, which constantly pushes the same temperature and amount of air through the home.

The Benefits of Zoned Heating & Cooling

Opting for HVAC zoning for homes offers many benefits. Continue reading below to explore some of the most sought-after advantages that zoning provides to homeowners. 

Better Energy Efficiency

The first advantage to HVAC zoning includes the savings you reap on energy efficiency. When you split your HVAC into different zones, you only allow heating and cooling where you feel you need it instead of heating the entire house at the same level, which can lead to hot areas and cool areas rather than a balanced home. 

Optimal and Individualized Comfort

The most sought-after benefit of HVAC zoning is individualized heating and cooling to your preferred comfort levels. With room-specific heating and cooling zones, you can completely customize your comfort.

For example, if you have a room that runs cold and a bedroom that runs warm, with zoning, you can fix the issue by providing the appropriate amount of heating or cooling to each space for a custom fit.

Saves You Money

Zone control for HVAC helps save you on your utility bills each month because you don’t unnecessarily heat and cool large areas like you do with standard HVAC models. This means it only runs when and where you need it. 

For example, if you have a vacant room in your home, you can control how much heating or cooling the room gets. In this way, you don’t waste electricity heating and cooling a space no one occupies, saving you money on the monthly bill.

Adding Zones to Existing HVAC Setup

If you want to complete an HVAC system modification, like adding zoning to your current regular HVAC system, you will need professional assistance. Luckily, a standard HVAC unit can split up to four ways. 

Professionals complete this transition by using duct dampers. These dampers can redirect airflow in the home, bypassing certain ducts to provide more airflow to your desired areas. You should note that most standard HVAC systems only feature a single-speed blower. 

This means the unit only operates at one level, so it will constantly push out the same amount of air, even if unnecessary, which can lead to low efficiency. Instead, technicians can switch your system to a variable-speed unit to handle pushing out different amounts of air only when necessary. 

However, if you want to split into even more zones than four, you must switch your home’s heating and cooling to a mini-split system that doesn’t use ducts. Instead, this system has an outdoor compressor that operates with the desired number of indoor units, which may be as many as one in each room.

Is Zoning the Right Fit for Your Home?

Zoned heating and cooling is typically recommended for larger homes that have multiple floors. Sometimes, homeowners find zoning worth it if they have additions that do not heat or cool as effectively as the other parts of the home. For valuable advice, contact HVAC professionals to determine if zoning is right for your home.

Trust Reliable HVAC Professionals for your HVAC Needs

If you’re unsure about HVAC zoning or still want to know if you can add zones to an existing HVAC system, speak with HVAC experts from Crew Heating & Cooling. Their Humble, TX, team knows how to change your HVAC filter, retrofit HVAC zoning, provide general maintenance, complete HVAC inspections, and service repairs.

If you want to know if you can add zones to an existing HVAC system or have your HVAC system inspected, then it’s time to contact our family-owned and operated heating and cooling company.

Contact Crew Heating & Cooling at (832) 345-1696 for all your HVAC needs, including HVAC zoning near Humbles, TX, today!

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