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Do HVAC Technicians Need to Be Licensed?

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Your home’s heating and cooling system is too important to leave to just any repair service. You need an HVAC contractor in Humble with the training and skill to make an accurate diagnosis and repairs. When they’re looking for help with a heating or air conditioning problem, many homeowners wonder, “Do HVAC technicians need to be licensed?” when comparing potential service providers. 

The short answer is yes, an HVAC license is necessary for anyone to perform heating, cooling, or refrigeration work in Texas. Earning the license requires education and practical experience, which provides peace of mind that the individuals working on your home know what they’re doing and that you’ll have a safe and reliable system.

To give you a better idea of what it takes to work as a licensed contractor in Texas, check out our overview of the certification process. 

Certification Requirements for HVAC Contractors in Texas

Texas has two license options for the HVAC industry: Licensed HVAC contractor and registered or certified technician working under a licensed contractor. In both cases, it takes at least four years to qualify to take the licensing exam.

Prospective technicians must be at least 18 years old and register with the state to work under the supervision of a licensed HVAC contractor. From there, they have two options that lead to certification or a license to work independently as a contractor. 

To earn air conditioning and refrigeration certification, a registered technician has to work for a licensed contractor in an apprenticeship program for at least 24 months, then complete a 2,000-hour state-approved training program. After completing the formal education and practical training, they can take the challenging licensing exam, which tests knowledge of HVAC systems, ventilation, boilers, heating and cooling, refrigeration, pressure relief, and business principles. 

Technicians who do not wish to earn certification need to meet specific experience requirements for a license. After 48 months of supervised work, they can take the exam for an ACR license and work as an HVAC contractor. All license applicants also need to submit proof of insurance and agree to a background check. 

Continuing Education Requirements

Once an HVAC contractor acquires a license, Texas law requires that they complete continuing education to keep it valid. This includes eight hours of approved coursework with at least one hour of in-person instruction before the license expires. 

EPA and National Certifications

In Texas (and elsewhere), HVAC contractors working with refrigerant — including testing refrigerant lines and adding or handling refrigerant in air conditioning systems — must have Environmental Protection Agency certification. To earn the EPA 608 HVAC Certification to handle refrigerants, technicians complete an approved course and pass an exam.

Technicians also have the option to seek additional national certifications after they earn a license. The North American Technical Excellence Certification (NATE) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) certifications are the two most common. These credentials demonstrate proficiency and commitment to excellence to both employers and potential clients. 

Texas HVAC Endorsements

Knowing that the answer to “Do HVAC technicians need to be licensed?” is yes can help you find the right company to work on your heating and cooling equipment. However, some technicians seek additional endorsements that verify their experience in specialized HVAC areas. A technician or contractor may only have one endorsement on their license, but when you have a specific issue that requires additional expertise, seeking a contractor with one of these endorsements is a good idea. 

The three endorsement options in Texas are:

  • Environmental Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Process Cooling or Heating 

Choose the Most Experienced HVAC Contractors to Work on Your Home

Whether you need repairs on your existing HVAC equipment, AC installation services to replace an old air conditioner with a new, energy-efficient one, or help designing and installing a new system for your home, choose a qualified HVAC contractor. HVAC technicians need to be licensed, so call on the company with the experience and knowledge to do the job right and the credentials to prove it. 

In Humble, TX, that contractor is Crew Heating & Cooling, and you can reach us at (832) 402-1681. Our team of registered, certified, and licensed HVAC professionals put customer service first and strive to make you feel like our priority. You can trust us to find solutions that respect your budget and keep your family comfortable in every season.

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