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What Temperature Should I Set My AC at Night?

Homeowners across America frequently ask the following question: “What temperature should I set my AC at night?” Some people want to save money on monthly energy bills. Others prioritize their personal comfort no matter the weather.

In Texas, temperatures stay warm all year long. You probably prize well-functioning air conditioners to combat the state’s heat and humidity. As experts in air conditioner repair in Atascocita, we understand the need to combine energy efficiency with comfort. 

Below, you’ll find information about the ideal thermostat setting for warm Texas nights. 

All Homes and People Have Different Needs

Each person requires different temperature settings, and buildings come in different shapes and sizes. Some have hot or cool spots, while others have even circulation. Elements like insulation, windows, and ceiling fans factor into the ideal temperature setting for each house. 

Similarly, people have a wide range of needs when it comes to personal comfort and getting quality sleep. Some like to pile blankets onto the bed. Other people use a ceiling fan to keep the air moving.

Consider the things that increase your comfort level when finding the ideal temperature setting for nighttime. 

Setting the Thermostat for Comfort

If your main goal is maximum comfort, consider the temperature you enjoy the most. Remember to keep your AC unit’s abilities in mind, too. Most air conditioners can only lower the indoor temperature by 20 degrees. 

So, a hot summer day in Texas will thwart your attempts at an indoor temperature of 65 degrees. You’ll even struggle to maintain temperatures around 70 degrees.

Plus, you’ll quickly overwork your air conditioner. This strain will lead to expensive repairs and part replacements at a much faster rate. A broken air conditioner will also leave you trapped in the heat. 

Consider a temperature between 75 and 80 degrees during the summer months. In winter, Atascocita temperatures rarely drop below 40 degrees. A temperature range between 60 and 70 degrees works best. 

You can supplement these temperatures with appliances like ceiling fans and box fans in the hot months. Use extra blankets and space heaters in the winter to stay warmer.

While some of these items may slightly increase your energy bill, they’ll prevent your HVAC system from working too hard. You’ll also be able to prioritize comfort.

Setting the Thermostat for Energy Efficiency

If you want to prioritize energy efficiency, keep your thermostat settings as close to the outdoor temperature as possible. However, don’t nix air conditioner use altogether. Summer temperatures in Texas can rise to a dangerous level.

Additionally, your house needs a stable temperature indoors to remain safe and healthy. Too much heat creates an environment conducive to mold growth indoors. Cool, dry air prevents mold growth.

So, keep your thermostat set to the high 70s in the summer. During winter, change the setting to the upper 60s. Your indoor temperature will closely match the weather outside while still providing air circulation. 

You’re probably asking, “What temperature should I set my AC at night to prioritize energy efficiency?” Most people and animals enjoy better rest when night temperatures are slightly cooler than they are in the day. 

It benefits your circadian rhythm, so set your thermostat a degree or two lower than during the day. Once the sun sets, your AC can more easily accommodate lower temperatures. 

A Programmable Thermostat Can Allow Comfort and Energy Savings

If you want the best of both worlds, a programmable thermostat with smart features and a WIFI connection provides the perfect solution. You can incorporate the thermostat settings recommended by Energy Star during the day. When you prepare for bed at night, you can indulge in much cooler temperatures.

Programmable thermostats accommodate multiple personalized settings based on your needs. When you leave the house for the day, you can set your thermostat to a temperature that lets your HVAC system rest. You can personalize your thermostat to achieve a cooler setting just before you come home for the day. 

Best of all, you only have to program a thermostat a few times a year. During changing seasons, pick the settings that best suit your home’s needs and comfort levels without making daily changes. 

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“What temperature should I set my AC at night?”

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