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Heat Pump Repair Services in Humble, TX

Don’t go another second without reliable internal temperature control – call Crew Heating & Cooling for professional heat pump repair today.

Heat pumps perform the work of both an air conditioner and a heater, and pulling double duty can put them under much strain. Houses that rely on heat pumps need them in perfect working order to make it through Texas’ volatile climate. 

So, when your heat pump breaks, you need heat pump repair team in Humble, TX. Otherwise, you’ll be left indoors with no way to beat the heat. However, you want a company you can trust to solve your problem correctly the first time–and quickly.

The heat pump and furnace repair professionals in Humble, TX, at Crew Heating & Cooling are the city’s best and will fix your ailing equipment in just one visit. Our team goes above and beyond with every appointment to leave you with reliable fixes that last for years.

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Signs Your Home Needs Heat Pump Repair

It’s not always easy to tell when your heat pump is fine, when you need a full-blown replacement, and when you can compromise and schedule heat pump repair in Humble, TX, to fix the unit’s issues. However, a few telltale symptoms of a failing heat pump will direct you to the applicable service.

  • Unusual Noises: Irregular clanking sounds or a consistent high-pitched whining are two indicators of a failing part, most often the air handler. If a part wears down or breaks, the unit loses its power and can shut down altogether.
  • Irregular Heating or Cooling: If your heat pump isn’t doing its primary duties–heating or cooling your home–debris may be blocking the blower or filter. An HVAC professional from Crew Heating & Cooling can clean these blockages safely and restore your heat pump’s performance in moments.
  • Short Cycling: Heat pumps turning on and off rapidly and failing to bring your home to your desired temperature typically suffer from a poorly-lubricated motor or blocked internal parts. Unfortunately, that short cycling will strain your heat pump and create even more issues.
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Why Schedule Heat Pump Repair in Humble, TX, From Crew Heating & Cooling

Heat pumps have many parts; if they wear down, it creates issues for the entire unit. At Crew Heating & Cooling, we believe the best heat pump repair in Humble, TX, should leave no stone unturned, so we will inspect all of your HVAC components for damage, including:


The first thing our HVAC professionals do during a repair appointment is check the thermostat. Sometimes, the thermostat is set lower or higher than homeowners remember, which can mimic some of the symptoms of a failing unit. Our team ensures your thermostat is at the right temperature; if it isn’t, we’ll examine it further for any electrical failings.


Not only will dirt build-up trap your heat pump’s air inside the ductwork, but the air that does pass through the blockade will pick up dust, spread it across your living space, and lower your indoor air quality. Our team will ensure your ducts are clean and tightly sealed so there are no blockages or air leaks.

Vents and Insulation

Enough dust build-up in your HVAC vents can block temperature-controlled air from reaching your home, while failing insulation struggles to trap that air within your walls. Our team examines both during repair visits to ensure they’re up to the task of heating and cooling your home.

Internal Parts

If we can’t fix your heat pump with external maintenance, then the problem is likely coming from inside the pump itself. Parts like the air handler, blower motor, and outdoor coils in your heat pump suffer wear and tear with regular use, but our team can identify signs of a broken part and either fix or replace the part immediately.

Expert Heat Pump Repair From Crew Heating & Cooling

When you need heat pump repair in Humble, TX, that you can trust, there’s no better team to call than Crew Heating & Cooling. Our experienced HVAC technicians respond to your calls quickly, treat your heat pump issues with great care and attention to detail, and offer upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’ve served the Humble, TX community for years and have built up hundreds of five-star reviews in that time. Contact us today to see for yourself why your neighbors trust our services.

Call Crew Heating & Cooling today at (832) 345-1696 to schedule repair service from our expert heat pump and furnace maintenance technicians in Humble, TX.

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