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Heat Pump Installation and Replacement Services in Humble, TX

A new heat pump can save you money and provide year-round comfort – call Crew Heating & Cooling today to schedule an installation.

Though outsiders know Texas for its unbearable summer heat, anyone who’s lived here long enough knows that the frigid winters can also make home living uncomfortable. To overcome that temperature inconsistency, Texas homeowners need a reliable heating and cooling system: they need a new heat pump system. 

When you need quality heat pump installation and replacement in Humble, TX, Crew Heating & Cooling will answer the call. You won’t find better heat pump prices or equipment anywhere else, nor will you find a more skilled team to remove your failing heat pump and set up a new one.

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The Power of High-Quality Heat Pump Systems

When you schedule our heat pump or furnace replacement services in Humble, TX, we’ll install a new system that leaves you and your home with all of the following benefits:

  • Improved Longevity: If you have the right-size heat pump for your home, it can last up to thirty years longer than a properly-fitted air conditioner or stand-alone heater. Heat pumps combine both jobs in one unit and still last decades longer.
  • Safer for Your Home and The Environment: Gas-powered heating and air conditioning adversely affect the environment. However, most heat pumps run on electricity, and thus don’t leave a carbon footprint. Additionally, electric-powered units have a smaller risk of catching fire or emitting harmful fumes than combustion-powered ones.
  • More Affordable: Heat pumps capture warmth in the outside air rather than producing their own. Therefore, you won’t have to cover fuel expenses like you would with gas-powered heating or cooling when you schedule heat pump installation and replacement in Humble, TX, from Crew Heating & Cooling.
  • Fewer Repairs: An HVAC system’s biggest challenge is sitting idly for months. However, that’s what happens when you have a dedicated heater or air conditioner that you only use during certain seasons; that strain requires frequent repairs. Heat pumps, however, can provide comfort year-round, so they won’t experience that wear and tear from sitting unused.
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How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Heat Pump

We understand that it can be hard to say goodbye when you’ve used the same heat pump for over a decade without issue. However, these essential tools don’t last forever, and you should consider replacing yours if it checks any of the following boxes:

You've had it longer than 15 years

Most heat pumps lose their strength after 12 years of regular use and are no longer fit for the job after 15. If your heat pump falls in that age range, you should schedule heat pump installation and replacement in Humble, TX.

Your utility expenses are peaking

When heat pumps age and lose their strength, they have to work harder to warm or cool your home. Unfortunately, that extra effort consumes more power and spikes your utility bills. Rather than replacing the air handler and other individual parts every year, it’s cheaper to schedule heat pump installation and replacement in Humble, TX, for a state-of-the-art unit.

It's no longer getting the job done

If your home is never at the right temperature no matter how long you run your heat pump, you probably need a new one.

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

Why Choose Crew Heating & Cooling For Your Heat Pump Installation and Replacement in Humble, TX

Every time we perform heat pump installation and replacement in Humble, TX, we bring industry-leading heating and cooling systems. We want the best for our Humble community, and we’ll show that dedication by equipping your home with a heat pump that will provide unbeatable heating and cooling for decades.

Our HVAC experts have the skill and experience to safely remove your existing heat pump and install a new one in a flash without sacrificing attention to detail. That way, you’ll receive the benefits of world-class climate control quickly with a perfectly installed and optimized machine. 

Bring a New Heat Pump to Your Humble, TX, Home Today

Because of our dedication to perfection, Crew Heating & Cooling is the best team for heat pump installation and replacement in Humble, TX. We’ve received hundreds of five-star reviews from Humble residents in need. We know that the community wants speedy response and service, top-quality equipment, and friendly customer experiences, and our team offers all that and more.

 Call Crew Heating & Cooling today at (832) 345-1696 to schedule service from the best heat pump and air conditioning installers in Humble, TX.

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