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Air quality is one of those hidden things that impact health. Poor air quality can lead to problems breathing, cause allergies, trigger asthma attacks, and irritate your nose, throat, and eyes. Prolonged exposure to poor quality air can create long-term health problems and even impact the heart and cardiovascular system. When most of us think about air quality, we think about outdoor air. In a city like The Woodlands, where we have refineries and plants, air quality can even help determine where we live. However, indoor air quality is as important as outdoor air quality for most of us. A well-functioning HVAC system should mean better indoor air quality than outdoor air. However, if you have dirty air ducts, you could be introducing contaminants and irritants into your The Woodlands, TX home.

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Understanding Air Ducts

Your home’s HVAC system. In most homes in the The Woodlands, TX area, the HVAC system uses a series of ducts to move cooled or heated air around the home. This system recycles air throughout your home so that the air circulates through your ducts. As a result, all of the air in your The Woodlands, TX home goes through the ducts. If your ducts are dirty, it means your air is dirty.

Understanding Air Ducts

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning in The Woodlands, TX

Getting your air ducts cleaned by a The Woodlands, TX professional can improve your quality of life. From dusting less frequently to fewer allergic reactions, air duct cleaning offers so many benefits.

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A cleaner home

When your air is cleaner, your home is cleaner. By removing dust, debris, and pet hair from your vents, you lessen the amount of dust, debris, and pet hair you will have to clean up throughout your  The Woodlands, TX home.

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Smell better

Does your The Woodlands, TX house smell musty or have the lingering odor of pets, even after you have deep cleaned? It could be your air. Quit trying to mask the odors with room sprays and deodorizers. Instead, let Crew Heating & Air Conditioning clean your vents and get a cleaner-smelling home.

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Fewer allergens

Most of us are allergic to dust. However, the “dust” in your air ducts is usually more than just dust. Air ducts can harbor pollen, bacteria, mold spores, mildew, and pet dander. Cleaning these out of your ducts can greatly reduce allergy symptoms if you suffer from allergies.
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Improve efficiency

You would be surprised how much dirty ducts, registers, and returns can impact the efficiency of your system. Clean ducts mean your system does not have to work as hard to heat or cool your The Woodlands, TX home. You will notice better heating or cooling and may even see a reduction in your utility bill.

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Breathe easier

Not every breathing problem is because of allergies. Air quality impacts breathing, even in healthy people. Contaminated air in your The Woodlands, TX home can irritate the nose and throat, cause sinus and nasal congestion, and trigger sneezing and coughing

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Air Duct Cleaning in The Woodlands, TX

One of the fastest ways to get better indoor air quality in your The Woodlands, TX home is to clean your air ducts professionally. At Crew Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer affordable duct cleaning services as part of our commitment to improving indoor air quality. We use powerful vacuums to remove dust and debris from your supply and return air ducts, registers, and diffusers.

We can also use the same powerful vacuums to clean your dryer vent. Dryer vents collect lint, dust, and debris every time you operate your dryer. Over time, the build-up can impact your dryer’s efficiency. Even more alarming, accumulated lint poses a fire hazard. Regularly cleaning your dryer vent is one of the basic steps you can take to make your Crosby, TX home safer for your family.

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