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AC Compressor Replacement in Humble, TX

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In Humble, TX, the summers are anything but humble. The 14 hours of direct summer sunlight beating down on a 95-degree July day create a triple-digit feel. That’s when to break out your air conditioner unit and crank it low for relief. 

However, if your room feels unchanged an hour later, it’s time to call for repairs. While many malfunctioning, worn, or loose components cause your system to blow warm or no air, an AC compressor replacement in Humble, TX, may alleviate the concern. Contact Crew Heating & Cooling to bring meaning back to your cooling unit.

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How Does an AC Compressor Work?

AC compressors increase the pressure of the refrigerant gas that flows through them. Increasing pressure reduces the substance’s volume allowing it to absorb hot air. It then travels through the condenser coil to the compressor in the outdoor unit, where the Freon releases excess heat and cools before returning to the indoor unit. 

The now-cold air makes its way out your vents. However, without a functioning compressor, the system won’t send the refrigerant through this cycle. You’ll receive little airflow, which will be warm since the compressor can’t cool the air. 

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Signs You Need a Compressor Replacement

With our scorching spring and summer months, the last thing you need is to miss a day of AC cooling power. Watching for failing compressor signs helps you catch the problem before it heavily affects your indoor temperature. Some symptoms you need an AC compressor replacement in Humble, TX, include:

Unprecedented noises

The only sound from your AC should be a slight motor hum. Other sounds like a rattling or clanking mean that parts are loose and banging together or the relay switch on your compressor is struggling from wear and tear. A faulty switch won’t manage the power flow to the compressor, keeping it from turning on. 

Leaking refrigerant

Moisture leaks come from any part of the system. Whether it’s a water leak from a clogged condensation drain or a refrigerant leak from the coils or compressor, call for repairs. Loss of refrigerant also eliminates the possibility of cool air and threatens the health of your loved ones through exposure.

Limited airflow

As we’ve said, a failing compressor doesn’t send enough Freon back to your indoor unit to release cool air. However, since many things may cause limited airflow, check and change your filters for cleanliness and examine your entire system for clogging dirt and debris. If contaminants aren’t the issue, it may be a bad AC compressor.

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When Do You Need a Replacement Rather Than a Repair?

A repair has a cheaper upfront cost than an AC compressor replacement in Humble, TX. Therefore, many home and business owners ask us about replacing compressor parts rather than the compressor as a whole. We repair components surrounding the compressor, including cracked coils that leak Freon and lower refrigerant levels. 

However, when parts on the compressor go south, including a burned-out clutch, worn bearings, or leaking seals, it’s more cost-effective in the long run to replace the entire component. That way, you won’t constantly spend money patching the compressor for less-than-optimal airflow. 

How We Conduct Compressor Replacements

Do you have a single-stage compressor that runs until it creates your desired temperature? Maybe you own a variable-speed compressor that functions steadily at a lower capacity. There’s even a dual-stage compressor that toggles between the two, running at full capacity and then lowering to 25% capacity once hitting the desired temperature.

An expert AC repair in Humble, TX, may vary depending on your AC system and compressor type. However, the following are basic steps in the process. Your technician will:

  • Power down your AC unit
  • Locate and examine the compressor for faults
  • Pump any existing refrigerant out of the compressor
  • Remove the compressor and attachments, including tubes and the expansion valve
  • Wash away the buildup from the AC’s interior
  • Replace the compressor and refill refrigerant
  • Test for optimal airflow

Put Us to the Test!

The AC compressor replacement cost reaches $1200 while under a warranty and more than twice as much without coverage. However, with our transparent and competitive pricing, you’ll always find a deal on the repairs and replacements that have everyone raving. 

For years, we’ve guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction on all work done by our skilled family team. In turn, we’ve received over 100 five-star reviews and counting. Learn more about our AC maintenance services or call Crew Heating & Cooling for an AC compressor replacement in Humble, TX, at 832-345-9932!

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