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Five Reasons Why Your AC Unit Is Not Turning On

Few property fixtures become more important during Texas’s scorching summer season than your air conditioner. It generates cool air that keeps your home or business feeling nice and pleasant until fall temperatures take hold. However, sometimes air conditioners malfunction and won’t turn on, leaving your property unbearably hot for hours on end or longer.

To teach you more about your cooling system, Crew Heating & Cooling put together a few possible reasons why your AC unit is not turning on.

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Five Common Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

Air conditioners are susceptible to numerous issues that hinder operations. Unfortunately, some malfunctions can prevent it from powering on, preventing you from cooling your home during the dog days of summer. However, Before you replace your air conditioner, evaluate the unit and see if it suffers from any of the following.

Continue reading for some possible reasons why your ac unit is not turning on:

1. Broken Thermostat

Your thermostat plays a crucial role in your heating and cooling system. It sends information to your HVAC unit to maintain your desired indoor temperature. However, when thermostats break down, they can’t communicate with your air conditioner, preventing the unit from turning on when needed.

Sometimes fixing your thermostat only requires changing its batteries. If you have a digital thermostat with a blank screen, change its batteries and see if it resolves the issue.

If the thermostat still doesn’t communicate with your AC unit with a fresh pair of batteries, contact a professional technician to assess it and determine the problem’s root cause. They will make swift repairs or replace it with a new model.

2. Check the Unit’s Shutoff Switch

Many Humble properties have an air conditioner shutoff switch that controls the unit’s power supply. Sometimes homeowners mistake the shutoff switch for a light switch or something similar and turn it off unintentionally. If your home has an air conditioner shutoff switch, find it (usually by the furnace or in a closet, attic, or crawl space) and ensure it’s in the on position. 

3. Clogged or Dirty Air Filter

Air filters catch airborne pollutants within your AC unit before pushing cooled air through the ductwork that distributes it throughout your property. However, air filters require a replacement every month or two (depending on the model) to maintain their efficiency and keep the air conditioner functioning optimally. 

Dirty air filters can cause the air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils to freeze, preventing it from generating cool air. If the ice gets thick enough, it can cause the unit to shut off and prevent it from turning on until you resolve the issue.

If your unit’s coils freeze, replace the filter and give the coils time to thaw. Don’t turn on your air conditioner until the coils completely thaw since it can damage the system. Once thawed, turn on your air conditioner and assess its performance.

4. Reset the Air Conditioner

Sometimes air conditioners need a quick reset to restore their power and performance. Many models have a reset button within their interior to give the unit a fresh start when necessary. Find and press your system’s reset button to see if it restores the unit’s power.

If your air conditioner doesn’t have a reset button, you can reset it manually by turning off your thermostat for ten minutes. Once ten minutes expire, switch your thermostat back on and see if it powers back up.

5. Tripped Circuit Breaker

Sometimes circuit breakers trip when you use too many electronics at once or a power surge occurs. If your cooling system won’t power on, check your breaker box for tripped circuits. If you find one, switch it on and see if your air conditioner has power.

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