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Seven Steps To Prepare Your AC for Winter

Whether you’re new to owning an AC unit or have years of experience with indoor climate control, you should know the importance of maintaining your unit during changing seasons. As cold temperatures roll in with the winter months, winterizing your AC unit gives it and you the best possible protection. 

At Crew Heating & Cooling, we take AC maintenance and repair seriously. We’re Atascocita’s air conditioner repair experts, bringing affordable and dependable services to customers from all walks of life. 

In this blog, we cover the seven steps every owner should take to prepare their AC for winter. To learn more about AC maintenance and repair services, keep browsing our website or give our team a call at your convenience. 

Seven Steps To Prepare an AC for Winter

Get the most life out of your AC unit by following a few simple steps before and during each winter season. 

#1: Power Down the AC Unit

When cold weather arrives, your air conditioner may cycle on less frequently. When the time comes to no longer use your unit for the season, prepare your AC for winter by first powering it down. 

Consult your AC unit’s manufacturer’s materials to learn how to power it down correctly. In some cases, the best way to power down the unit involves turning off a breaker. For guidance on how to power down your AC unit, contact trained AC maintenance professionals in your area. 

#2: Remove Debris and Clean Unit

Once you power down your outdoor unit, it’s time to clean it. Carefully remove any visible debris—twigs, leaves, or trash—from the AC, its caging, and the surrounding area. Use a garden hose to gently clean any stuck-on organic matter, such as bird droppings or sap. 

Allow the unit to air dry in the sunlight before continuing additional maintenance. 

Many property owners neglect to clean their AC and HVAC units before powering them down for winter. However, cleaning your AC unit before covering it for the winter prevents debris and organic material from causing rust or clogging intake ports and other parts. 

#3: Visually Inspect the AC Unit

After the unit dries, perform a visual inspection for damage. Check for apparent damage to fan blades, exterior caging, intake areas, ductwork, and any peripheral parts. 

If you detect any damages or have noticed any sounds or issues during regular use, schedule maintenance services with a trusted AC professional in your region. 

#4: Change All Filters

Preparing your AC unit for the winter season provides an excellent opportunity to change the unit’s filters. Change filters at all indoor and outdoor locations. Ensure that replacement filters meet the manufacturer’s requirements. For guidance on buying and installing new air filters for your AC or HVAC unit, reach out to knowledgeable professionals while preparing your AC for winter. 

#5: Insulate the Pipes

Another important way to prepare your AC for winter concerns insulation, which protects your AC’s exposed pipes from extreme temperatures. Use foam pipe insulation to cover all piping, especially copper pipes and pipes that travel into your home. Our team recommends covering exposed wiring as well. 

#6: Cover the Unit

Once the AC unit is clean, repaired, and in good shape, consider covering the unit during the winter season. You can purchase premade vinyl or plastic covers or build a wooden frame and structure of your own. 

Covering your AC protects it from additional debris as well as rain, snow, and ice. This extra coverage also boosts insulation, reducing the impact of cold temperatures on your unit. 

To learn more about ways to cover your unit during winter, reach out to AC maintenance professionals. 

#7: Perform Maintenance and Inspections

During the winter, we recommend inspecting your AC periodically. Performing simple visual inspections at regular intervals or after significant weather events allows you to remove debris or schedule necessary repairs in a timely manner. 

Most AC maintenance and repair companies inspect AC and HVAC units before the winter and in the spring. In some situations, more frequent inspections may become necessary. Speak with your trusted AC professionals for recommendations on ideal maintenance schedules in your region. 

Work With Humble's Trusted AC Professionals

Now that you know how to prepare your AC for winter, schedule AC maintenance services with Crew Heating & Cooling. We bring years of experience and a dedication to our craft to every job. 

Learn more about what we do or schedule your consultation by calling our Crew Heating & Cooling team at 832-345-9932 today. Don’t wait to prepare your air conditioner for the winter months.

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