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Should You Turn Off the AC When You're Not at Home?

New and experienced property owners alike often express uncertainty regarding efficient air conditioner operating procedures. Many wonder if they should turn off their AC when not at home, what temperature to set their thermostats, and more. 

In many cases, slight changes to day-to-day operations can save property owners on utility bills and potential repair costs. At Crew Heating & Cooling, we believe in helping our customers make informed decisions about their AC and HVAC needs. 

We’re Porter’s trusted AC repair company, and in this blog, we talk about common questions people from all walks of life have about operating their AC while not at home. 

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Does Turning the AC on and off Use More Electricity?

One of the most common myths surrounding AC usage concerns their electricity consumption rates. 

Contrary to popular belief, turning an AC unit on and off does not make it work harder. AC and HVAC systems work at the same pace and power no matter what temperature their programmable thermostat gets set to. 

For this reason, turning your AC off and on makes no impact on the device’s energy consumption. The best way to achieve energy savings stems from operating your system as recommended by professionals or the manufacturer. 

Will Leaving My AC on Put More Wear on My System?

Manufacturers design AC units to operate only as needed to reach and maintain a specific temperature and humidity level. When a property owner sets a system to a comfortable temperature and leaves the system on, that system will only engage as needed. 

Because of this design element, an AC simply being on cannot cause unplanned wear on the machine. 

The most common culprits for AC damage via misuse include programming the thermostat to incorrect settings and leaving the system off for too long. Incorrect temperature settings can result in a frozen compressor, and an inactive system can grow mold. 

Reasons Not To Turn Off the AC

Many property owners feel surprised to learn that continuously operating their AC or HVAC provides several benefits. 

As mentioned above, manufacturers design these systems to keep indoor spaces at a comfortable temperature. When professionals install AC systems, they set them up to handle each property’s unique dimensions, moisture conditions, and other factors. Learn why below. 

Better Humidity Control

Maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures goes beyond just reaching a target number. 

For example, 72 degrees with low humidity may feel comfortable, while the same temperature with 99% humidity would be notably uncomfortable. Air conditioners work to remove humidity from the air, protecting both your comfort and your property.

When an owner turns their AC off, these systems can’t remove excess moisture from the air. The result includes discomfort, dampness, and damage to wood and other porous structures. 

Mold and Mildew Prevention

When humidity builds up inside a building, air ducts, or AC system, it creates the perfect conditions for mold. 

By running your air conditioner continually, you allow the system to pull excess moisture from the air, lowering risk factors for expensive and dangerous mold infestations.

Energy Efficiency Without Sacrificing Comfort

Finally, manufacturers make AC units and HVAC systems today with energy savings in mind. As a result, these systems do not operate at unnecessary times. Owners can set units to desired indoor temperatures and leave, knowing their AC will not waste energy and their indoor spaces will remain comfortable. 

With this in mind, turning off your AC when you’re not at home has no effect on your property’s energy consumption. It simply makes your indoor spaces less comfortable. 

If you have concerns about how best to operate your AC unit or HVAC system, consult with experienced AC professionals. 

Professional HVAC and AC Services in Your Area

Now that you know why you shouldn’t turn off your AC when you’re not at home, you can make the most of your climate control systems. 

To keep your AC, HVAC, or furnace in peak running condition all year long, work with trusted professionals to establish a regular maintenance and inspection schedule. Always call a dedicated, affordable repair service at the first sign of trouble; don’t wait for problems to worsen to seek help. 

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